3D Design & Printing 
Secure your spot in the 3D design course that helps kids develop problem solving skills and exercise their imaginative and creative muscles. 
  • $20 per week
  • Materials: TinkerCad, a free, online 3D modeling program


5:30 - 6:30 PM

Pacific Time


Diego Jaramillo

Targeted Students:


What You'll Learn:

Students learn the fundamentals of mechanical design principles and visualization skills through working in Tinkercad. Students are introduced to constructive solid geometry and will create models for 3D printing.


Lessons are taught live and virtually

Assessment Measures:

  • Participation

  • Acurate modeling in the Tinkercad software

Lego Robotics
Build, code, and have fun with programmable lego robots.

Mon, Wed, Fri

2:30 - 4:30 PM

Pacific Time


Leo Shao

Targeted Students:


What You'll Learn:

Create and command your own Lego robots. Build and program your robot to understand commands, including simple instructions such as driving forward and backward. Robots can learn to senseand detect walls, measure distances, and much more. Students learn to create robots to solve problems, which breeds innovation and friendly competition. Ultimately, their programs can become elaborate enough to play mini-golf, drag race, chariot race, bulldoze, and catapult objects.


In-person or live online.

Assessment Measures:

  • Hands-on projects

Curriculum Overview (Class Projects):

  • Unit 1

    • Break Dance​

    • Repeat 5 Times Personal Trainer Robot

    • Weatherman Robot

    • Wind Speed Robot

    • Veggie Love Robot

  • Unit 2

    • Brain Game​

    • The Coach

    • Driving Around

    • Playing With Objects

    • React To Lines

  • Unit 3

    • Assembling An Advanced Driving Base​

    • My Code, Our Program

    • Time For An Upgrade

    • Mission Ready

    • The Guided Mission


  • Unit 4

    • Place Your Order​

    • Out of Order

    • Track Your Packages

    • Keep It Safe

    • Keep It Really Safe

  • Unit 5

    • Automate It!​

    • Help!

    • Hopper Race

    • Super Cleanup

    • Broken