College Prep
English 101
College Prep English 101 will teach students the writing skills necessary for college success, with
a combined focus on advanced reading comprehension, grammar, and composition. An added
bonus is that this course prepares students for the essay portion of the SAT, and is helpful for
the ACT essay.
Among the many other writing-centered activities we’ll engage in, this class requires students
to practice brainstorming, free-writing, varied sentence and paragraph construction, and
complete essay writing as a multi-step process. Students will extend their ability to interpret
and analyze a range of texts, write longer and more compelling essays, carry out independent
research, and integrate multiple sources into their essays.
  • $40 per week

Classes held two days each week


Don Maker

What You'll Learn:

  • develop an ability to write about various topics from historical, philosophical, rhetorical and/or cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives;

  • evaluate the relevance, validity and authority of information from any source;

  • powerfully begin and conclude a paper, including creating a strong, clear thesis statement;

  • develop and include enough details and examples to support the thesis and reinforce the focus;

  • demonstrate various patterns of organization, and use the organization pattern that best suits the identified purpose and audience;

  • write in a syntax (writing mechanics) and vocabulary appropriate to your subject and audience;

  • combine Audience, Message, and Tone in a coherent, effective package;

  • develop self-assessment and editing skills.


Classes are held for one (1) hour two (2) days each week via Zoom. Modules will be scheduled when three (3) or more students sign up, but will be limited to eight (8) students so that each student can participate and receive personal attention and writing input from the instructor. In addition to class discussions, writing will be returned to the student with corrections and suggestions for improvement.

Module 1 - Introduciton & Review

  • The Basics of Persuasive Writing (Intro to Rhetoric)

    • Recognizing and Using Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasion

  • Understanding and Responding to a Prompt (e.g., an assignment)

    • Responding to a Prompt

    • Examples of Types of Prompt

  • Brainstorming

    • Methods of Brainstorming

    • Brainstorming exercise

  • Formulating the Essay

    • The Three Ts: Topic, Theme, and Thesis

    • Ordering Your Evidence

    • Writing a Persuasive Essay

  • Review of 5-Paragraph Essay Format

    • Writing a Persuasive Essay

    • Five Paragraph Essay Outline and Example

Qualifications of the Instructor:

Donald Maker holds a B.A. in English and Comparative Literature from UC San Diego and a Master of Education from Chapman University. He taught AP literature and SAT prep classes and, as a professional writer for several decades of both non-fiction and fiction, he has an ‘insiders’ knowledge of the various rhetorical devices and techniques writers use to impact theirreaders.