As the pandemic rages on, the educational gap will only widen even more. Learning engagement is down, test scores have fallen, and mental health is heading down a slipper slope. While we don't have a solution for COVID, we do have a solution for learning: Virtual live classes with local students in small pods, all taught by engaging and experienced teachers.


We believe the fundamental skills for the future are rooted in: 

1 - Math (Algebra/Geometry/Statistics)

2 - English & Writing 

3 - Coding (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python)

As long as kids develop competencies in these areas, they will prevail in the future—no matter what they study. 

This is where Canopy School comes in: Our interactive courses supplement your child's normal schooling to ensure they stay on track. All online classes are conducted in mini-groups based on grade or skill level, and we'll do our best to match your child with local students to foster social normalcy.

Using a highly-developed curriculum based on external accountability, The Canopy Method™ is a lauded program that directly supports your child's core education. It's grounded in active learning and engagement, rather than in passive absorption that is commonplace in other remote learning programs. 


Canopy is here so you can retake control of your child's education. It's been a tough year, but we're here to help.

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